My worth is not determined by my weight

In today’s society when we are bombarded with ‘perfect’ images of how we are supposed to look, and if we do not look like that then we are body shamed for the way we do look. There is a pressure on young girls and boys (lets not forget that boy’s also suffer). We are led to believe that unless we are ‘thin’ nobody will love us, nobody will want us. When in actual fact this is the furthest from the truth. Nobodies’ worth comes from there weight.

In a society where Photoshop exists and the ‘perfect’ body image does not exist, because in actual fact the people on the front of the magazines do not actually look like that either. Thank you Photoshop for giving us these false ideas of how we should look and then told how we should feel if we do not match up to society’s ideal body. When in actual fact the average size of the UK woman is a 16. Which is quite hard to believe when all that seems to be promoted is the super skinny. In a world that is so focused on your weight, please remember that those numbers on the scale do not represent who you are as a person. t doesn’t measure how loved you are, how smart you are, how treasured you are and all the other attributes that you overlook because you are focusing on that number on the scale.

When you become so focused on your weight, you begin to believe that the skinner you become, the happier you will be. Let me tell you something you wont be. I’ve been there myself, starved myself so I’d be thin and beautiful, I thought the thinner I got the happier I would be. Which never happened, when I was put in hospital I was borderline anorexic and was not happy at all. I got a few comments but most of them where of concern because I had lost so much weight.

The truth is our weight and body image will always be a tricky subject, especially if you have been bullied because of your weight, which stays with you like mine has. But let me tell you what that number on the scale does not tell you about me.

I have a Psychology degree

I have been on live tv talking about mental health

I have lots of friends who love me

I want to be a motivational speaker

I like to read

I have an eeyore teddy, I’ve had since I was 2

I love butterflies

I like to read

There are so many things about me, but my weight should not define who I am. Nor should it define who you are either.

My worth is not determined by my weight and neither is yours



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