There’s always a crack of light in the darkness

I find this a beautiful quote, one of my favourite in fact! (I do love myself a good quote, many of my friends will tell you this!) I thought of this quote when I was in bed in the dark with my blackout blind down, but yet the sunlight from outside was still getting through the sides. When I was reminded of this quote, and realised that no matter how dark a situation might be, that the light will eventually break through.

Even in the darkest of times when you feel like all hope is lost, and you don’t think you will ever get out. Whether it be your stuck in a job you don’t like, or your depression has reared its ugly head again, or maybe you’re just having a bad day, because after all we are all humans. However here is the good news, the darkness wont last forever, the light will break through and you my friend will rise again! The darkness is a horrible place to find yourself stuck in, there is light in the end of the tunnel just keep on going through, whether it’s a sprint, run or even crawling you will make it to the end. There is a very important thing to remember when in a dark place which is; ‘Don’t doubt in the dark, what you know to be true in the light’

People still love you 

You are worthy

You are NOT a failure

You are good at your job

You are not weak, because you are suffering again

You are not a rubbish friend

Hope will find a way through to you my friend, it will break through along with the light in the darkest of times.


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