I need you

I need people. There is no shame in that; in needing others for support or asking for help. Human beings are meant for many things, but loneliness is not one of them.

I need people to help me ride out my depressive phase I’m going through. I need people to sit with me, hold my hand, and tell me that they still love me when I’ve got mascara running down my cheeks and I don’t know why I’m crying. I need people to get me through the dark thoughts and back into the light. I need to be needed.

I never once thought about who needed me. But the thing is, we don’t just live for ourselves. We live for others.

Think about those who need you today. Maybe you thought of your parents, your siblings, your other half, or your friends. They are counting on you and they need to keep on fighting. To keep on living.

Now, imagine all the people you have yet to meet, the people who will need to hear your story. Who will need your friendship, who will need to know your name. My story is part of a greater plan. I am called to inspire people and to remind them to step out into freedom. To remind them of their purpose and help them realise it.

A lot of the time I want to stop fighting and existing, but I remember the people who need me. The characters in my story that need me, who have not given up on me. If anyone reading this thinks that they are not needed, I need you. People in your life need you and the world needs you. We all need you to stay alive.

You are needed and you have a purpose.



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