I have depression

When it’s come up in conversation,  I have been honest with people about the fact I do have a mental illness, as its not something I am ashamed to admit. Some people do change the way they act around me after they find out. Not everybody does, but a few people have. Why is this? As I am still the same person I was just a matter of seconds ago before I told you I have a mental illness. I have not changed, but your opinion of me has.

I have depression, but I am not my depression.

I have anxiety, but I am not my anxiety.

I am not my mental illness.

I am a daughter.

I am a friend.

I am a university graduate

I am a youth worker

Your mental illness is something you should never be ashamed of, it will lie to you and lead you to believe all sorts of things about yourself. When the truth is you are loved, you are valued, you are wanted.

Without you in the world, there would be something so irreplaceable missing. Nobody can ever replace you and everything that you bring. You are wonderful, yes you reading this. You are wonderful and never doubt you’re purpose. You are hear for a reason, it might take time figuring out what that is (I’m still figuring it out too!) But you will.

You wont always feel like your mental illness is winning the battle, because my dear friend. You are winning it each and every day that you get up and face the world. You are a warrior and you can handle anything that life throws your way.


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